WEC Rentals in La Crosse Wisconsin

WEC Rentals has some of the finest apartments and office space available in La Crosse Wisconsin. It is our mission to provide our residents with an exceptional living experience for their busy lives.

Apartments for rent in La Crosse

Are you tired of fake wood doors, rotten carpet, cheap vinyl flooring and drab living conditions? These are not your parent's spaces! Open your mind and your floorplans to a new way of living with WEC Rentals.

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Commercial space for rent in La Crosse

Truly unique spaces that will help your business stand out from the rest. We are offering offering a high end product at a very reasonable price for those of you ready to join us in the reinvestment of La Crosse!

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Hoeschler Dr. Sparta WI
$ 495
Sparta WI
Area: 200ft2
227 8th St N La Crosse
$ 400
La Crosse, WI
Area: 250ft2
832 Liberty St La Crosse
$ 850
La Crosse, WI
Area: 1700ft2
2 full baths
3 Bedrooms + den
1551 Loomis St La Crosse
$ 695
La Crosse, WI
Area: 650ft2
1 bathroom
1 bedroom + den